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Miranda Lee
Portrait of Miranda

Miranda Lee

Miranda is an inspired leader when it comes to creative banking solutions. She specializes in the management of consumer credit lending products. A background of working in both Canada and the US at companies ranging from a Top 5 Canadian Bank to a fintech BaaS start-up has equipped her with a dynamic set of skills and an aptitude for creating optimized customer experiences.

Miranda enjoys a challenge and takes great pride in the relationships that she builds. She completed a rotational leadership development program specific to credit cards, acted as program manager and oversaw business governance while working on a strategic card program, and was account manager for a line of credit portfolio. As product owner at a BaaS start-up, she designed products from the ground up, and has worked very closely with development teams to ensure successful releases.

When she’s not helping to solve client’s pressing business needs, you can find Miranda outdoors camping or hiking and constantly pushing herself to the limit.