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“Payson is deeply embedded in the fintech ecosystem and provided key support for our international expansion into Canada. Their deep expertise in data and analytics combined with their ability to move at the speed of fintech makes them truly unique. I would highly recommend Payson to any lenders looking to grow their business.”
Tassie Milne, GM
“I had a great experience working with Brent and the Payson team. They provided valuable insights and expertise that supported Fig's success. I highly recommend their services.”
Francois Cote, CEO
"Payson Solutions' expertise in credit risk and modeling has helped us transform our modeling capabilities. Additionally, Payson worked with us to implement their recommendations and grow our business. I would recommend Payson Solutions for any fintech looking for a partner that will go beyond expectations to deliver results."
Arash Majdi
Mission Lane
"Working with Brent provided critical support as Apollo grew. He helped us deepen our thinking on Credit and how we could optimize our products to better serve our customers."
Dillon Gardner
Apollo Agriculture
“Through our partnership with Payson, every member of our organization now makes decisions using data. Payson has bridged the gap between development operations and analytics by bringing structure and vision to our organization.”
Bryn Hazard
Total Credit Recovery

Why Payson?

Unparalleled Expertise

Payson has deep expertise across the entire customer lifecycle, spanning product, marketing, credit, customer experience, fraud, and loss mitigation. We serve a diverse client base that includes top-tier banks, credit unions, fintechs at both start-up and growth stage, collection agencies, credit bureaus, and alternative lenders.

Global Reach

We are globally recognized as experts in the fintech space, with clients ranging from North America to LatAm, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We have an extensive network in the fintech ecosystem that connects startups and lenders with financial infrastructure partners and venture capital that can scale their business.

Real-World Operator Experience

Clients love the fact that we’ve walked a mile in their shoes before. We are well-known as experts in the field, having decades of operator experience in managing credit risk and leading lending businesses at world-class financial institutions.

Payson can help:

Better manage your risk
Improve your efficiency
Modernize your capabilities
Grow your business
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