Fintech Advisory

Fintech Advisory

Fintechs want to work with partners that can move at fintech speed

Payson Solutions specializes in helping fintechs launch, scale, and grow their business in a sustainable fashion. We have been a trusted partner and advisor to dozens of fintechs all across the world. Fintechs benefit tremendously from tapping into our deep lending experience, while also valuing the speed and agility of our approach to problem solving and collaboration.

"Working with Brent provided critical support as Apollo grew. He helped us deepen our thinking on Credit and how we could optimize our products to better serve our customers."

We can help you scale your business to the next level

We work with fintechs at all stages of growth, from seed stage to post-IPO, to provide strategic solutions for their biggest points of leverage.

New product launch

We work with clients on all stages of the product development process, from ideation to launch. We've helped many fintechs build and successfully launch new products that their customers love.

Credit & underwriting

Our founder Brent was the Chief Credit Risk Officer for Capital One Canada through the Great Recession of 2008-9. For many of our startup clients, this type of experience is invaluable in advising them on credit & underwriting strategy.

Key hire recruiting

Access to the right talent is the number one key success factor for high growth startups. With our extensive network, we help our clients by recruiting for key roles such as credit risk, data science, and software engineers.

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