Data Science & Modeling

Data Science & Modeling

AI: you can't ignore it

AI has become the biggest buzzword these days. But don’t let that fool you – AI is real, and it is revolutionary. It is already disrupting many industries and we have only scratched the surface. As a business leader, you know you can’t ignore it. But how do you figure it out with so much hype and vaporware out there?

For us, it always starts with “for the sake of what?” AI is only effective if it is solving the biggest challenges for your business. There are a number of ways that AI can unlock value and transform your business:

The market for AI is expected to grow 2000% by 2030,
up to nearly $2 trillion USD.

Unlock value and transform your business

Cost Savings
Product Innovation
Customer Experience
Quality Control
Deeper Insights
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Artificial Intelligence – Moving Beyond the Buzzwords

Custom AI solutions for your business

Our Machine Learning experts can solve for complex business challenges.

Statistical Models

Uncover deep insights

Whether it’s predicting fraudulent transactions or developing a recommendation engine, we leverage the latest in ML technology to build powerful models.

How you might use statistical models:
  • Detect fraudulent transactions
  • Determine next-best-action
  • Optimize credit policy

Natural Language Processing

Turn language into data

Looking for a place to start? Why not build a chatbot that can handle your most common customer queries.

How you might use natural language processing:
  • Automate contract review
  • Build virtual assistants
  • Automate call quality monitoring

Robotic Process Automation

Free your human capital

Save time and money by automating routine tasks performed by humans. Improve quality from automating tasks that are error-prone and free up your most important asset – your human capital – to focus on more value-added things.

How you might use robotic process automation:
  • Expedite claims handling
  • Migrate data between applications
  • Reduce time on financial reconciliation

Computer Vision

Turn images into insights

Use advanced computer vision techniques to track objects, perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to drive efficiency, or analyse videos.

How you might use computer vision:
  • Digitize printed documents
  • Detect and track inventory
  • Build identity solutions

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